Day 3

Are you wondering how it's going?
Once, I told somebody that you could break any habit in three days. This was how it looked to me after bringing up Liam from a baby to a highly successful preschooler. You go with the flow, and if you want change, you stick it out for three days, and voila.
With Aoife, I felt I ought to eat my words. Although to be honest, I don't know if I ever gave much three days with her.
Fiona was too easy. There were no habits to break.
And then Maeve and her naps.
Day One. 41 minutes of screaming, and then 1 hour and 41 minutes of napping, which was exactly 90 minutes longer than her nap of the previous day. She slept 12 hours that night.
Day Two. Nap is sabotaged by the 12:30 pick up at the kids' school. Despite them yelling at her, tugging at her arms and legs, and tickling her bare cheeks, she conks out for 12 minutes in the car on the way home, won't transfer, and screams for exactly 60 minutes (yelling, just to break my heart a little more, "ROCK YOU!" the entire time).  Sleeps for 13.5 hours that night (with one 12 hour stretch from 5:30-5:30).
Day Three: Maeve screams for about two minutes, shouts intermittantly at me for about two more, plays quietly in her bed for three more, and then lies down and sleeps for 64 minutes.

Could it be that I was right about the three days? I'll let you know tomorrow.


  1. I love these windows. Love to all you wonderful folks. Enjoy watching the snow fall on our sweet Valley.

  2. I have always kept that three days mantra from you in my head. I have repeated it to many other mamas..."Well, as my friend Carol says, you can change any habit in three days; you just have to endure some crying." Now go enjoy 12 straight hours of your baby's sleep!! :)