Today is the birthday of the child who is not here.

"Well, you know how in Sleeping Beauty? The witch kills her, but there are always handsome princes who can come and kiss Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White, and she gets alive. Maybe a prince can come next time and kiss Charlotte and she can come back!"

This is Fiona's take on the situation. She cannot understand death. Nor can I.

We all stayed home today, all day. A family day. For the 6/7 of our family available to enjoy it together.   I am incredibly grateful that our pizza pie now has such a small piece missing, as opposed to a year ago, when we had 1/3 missing. But the void feels enormous.

Happy Tenth Birthday, my dear Charlotte.

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  1. Happy Ten, sweet Charlotte girl. And happy anniversary of mothering, my friend. I'm so glad you decided to be surrounded by friends and by love this weekend. That's where Charlotte is.